AFF Package

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Triangle Skydiving Center's Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) package is designed to get a student in the air as quickly and safely as possible. The package includes the following:


1 x Ground school (4-6 hours) to learn how to use the equipment and skydive safely

3 x CAT A-C1 Jumps with two instructors

5 x CAT C2-E2 Jumps with one instructor

1 x Full altitude solo jump under coach or instructor supervision

2 x Low altitude hop & pops under coach or instructor supervision

13 x Coach jumps with one coach

1 x Check dive with one instructor

1 x Packing class to learn how to pack your parachute


Package does not include any failed jumps that must be retaken to meet performance objectives. Also does not include USPA membership fee that must be paid directly to USPA.